Setting up a new project in InVision

InVision is my favorite tool when it comes to prototyping user flows, reviewing designs with clients or collaborating on design projects with a big number of coworkers and stakeholders.

It has got some limitations and I’m still waiting for a couple of sorely needed updates (Silverflows! Prototyping! Please!), but it still is my web platform of choice.

To a good extent that’s because the overall user experience of the web application is very nice: Generous design, just the right amounts of white space, clever shortcuts and keyboard support, well-designed process flows and lots of lovely details to discover make it joyful to use.

One example is this dialogue for starting a new project.

Screenshot taken from InVision project setup

Sure, there would be more „efficient“ ways to achieve this, using more conventional and „learned“ UI elements and less screen space. But in the way, InVision presents these initial options, it dedicates full attention to this important step, removes all unnecessary clutter and enables a clean and beautiful entry to a new project.

Considering the fact that creating a new project is a decision that is (or should be) really intentional, since these initial settings affect the whole project and are not so easily to be changed later, the fullscreen modal is the right UI choice.

  • Only relevant UI elements at the time are shown
  • It’s easy and fool-proof to cancel and go back
  • All available options are being shown and illustrated nicely
  • The most common option is preselected, allowing for a very quick start
  • Error-free design by toggling the CTA’s active state only when text has been entered