Slack signup process

Slack is everyone’s favorite project/team communication tool at the moment.

Understandably, so.

It does a very good job at what it’s been designed for and especially makes registration, setup and sign-on processes an easy job.

A screenshot from Slack's new team signup process - entering a verification code

This is a modal screen of the initial signup with a new e-mail address (or in my case, adding a new team). I like the generous and error-free design that has been applied here:

  • No unnecessary UI elements or information
  • Explanation on what has been done and what’s the task at hand
  • Additional information on how to continue
  • Focus state is already set to the first input field so I can start entering text immediately
  • Field focus automatically jumps to the next field once I’ve entered a number
  • Pasting the code is also possible
  • Only digits can be entered