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Contact information.

Feel free to reach out.

This site has been designed and coded by me, Philipp Brunner.
I am the author of all its contents and maintain the website privately.

Reach out to me, if you have any questions:

Philipp Brunner
1230 Vienna, Austria, EU.

Purpose and orientation of this website

This website and blog is a non-commercial offering by Philipp Brunner to publish blog posts centered around the topics of User Experience and Digital Product Design as well as to document my work portfolio.


Standard settings of WordPress, web analytics GoogleAnalytics and the hosting provider Hetzner are used regarding privacy of your data. Refer to their websites for privacy conventions. Note that cookies are used by these services/programs for statistics and improvements of the user experience. For details refer to the providers’ privacy statements. Data might be stored outside EU countries.

All personal data published on this site may not be used for commercial purposes.

Copyright information

All images and texts published on this site are © by Philipp Brunner, unless stated otherwise.

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