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What I'm currently up to.

Part of the project: What I’m doing now.

Now at my job at dmcgroup:

  • Designing a mobile application to help workers with assembling freight trains, deep-divining into physical keyboard-only interfaces for mobile applications at the moment
  • Designing a web application for a bank to monitor and maintain self service machines across the country
  • Designing a web application for a bank to help employees find specific transaction details
  • Designing a web application for a consulting company to conduct decision making workshops
  • Mentoring and supporting colleagues

Now on another note:

  • Spring gardening
  • Getting back to normal after being sick for a week
  • Blogging about my job here and then
  • Swapping Google Analytics for self-hosted Matomo Analytics on all of my sites
  • Shooting some Lego movies (Here, here and here) with my daughter
  • Maximizing ways walked by foot every day (I love walking!)
  • Trying to get back to running twice a week

Last updated: 2023/04/24

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