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Screenshot of Spotify account overview page (German language). Link to the "Payment methods" can be found in the right side menu, in the lower half.
Screenshot of my saved payment cards in the Spotify Account settings.
Screenshot of the detail page for a saved credit card in Spotify's account settings. The existing card can only be deleted via the "Delete card" button, there is no option to edit the existing card.
Screenshot of my saved payment cards with an empty state: no cards available, since I had to delete my old card because it could not be edited. The button to "add a new card" looks pretty much the same as a saved card.
Screenshot of Spotify's "Add a credit card" page: Input fields for "Card number","Expiration date", "CVV", a checkbox to save the card for further use and buttons to "Save" or "Cancel"
Screenshot of Spotify's "Saved payment cards" section with my new, updated card in the list. It even shows my card's new expiration date next to the last four digits of the card number.
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